Here to assist you develop and manage your EU projects as well as developing and running our own projects supporting businesses and entrepreneurs all over Europe.


From the inception over 25 years ago, the team at EISC has dedicated itself in helping businesses from the UK and all over Europe grow.

Whether through procurement support services, numerous matchmaking events, business meeting and mission organisation, training events…

Today, EISC Ltd concentrates on developing, running and assisting others in working with EU projects. Not a small undertaking…

We have delivered over 30 EU funded projects in the past 15 years; some were really a breeze, some were really a torture. We have learnt a lot from bidding, partnering, running projects, reporting on them…

Nowadays, we pick and choose the best projects to deliver, the ones that have the potential for the most value to the people we deal with, that have a strong impact in Europe, that have an interesting team of partners. Ticking all these boxes is the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme (more by clicking on the link).

So if you need somebody to help you run your project, help you find partners, help you develop the application, or even help you report on it (that is definitely not the fun part and comes at a premium), then feel free to drop us a line: info@eiscltd.eu or ring + 44 (0) 33 000 10 375.



To get in touch:

Phone: +44 (0) 33 000 10 375

Email: info@eiscltd.eu

Address: 32 Queen’s Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3BQ, United Kingdom

Company registered in England nr. 05200679