Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

This programme aims at helping people who have the idea of starting a business or who recently started one, by giving them the opportunity to learn how to run a company from experienced business people who have been running their activities for many years.

It is an exchange programme where young entrepreneurs (before start-up to 3 years into the start of their company – the “young” applies to the company age / number of years of experience of the person, not the one of the person!) spend between 1 and 6 months with a host entrepreneur.

The host is not losing out as he/she will get a switched on budding entrepreneur, with a different view, different thinking on how to approach the market, and different skills the host might not have easily at hand.

The exchange is done cross-border – you cannot do an exchange in your own country. If you are a New Entrepreneur living in the UK, you will go abroad during your exchange. As a host from the UK, you will host somebody from one of the EU countries part of the programme.

A great activity bringing positive change all around.

What is on offer?

  • The New Entrepreneur gets help in identifying a host
  • The New Entrepreneur gets skills, advice and confidence from their host
  • The New Entrepreneur gets a monthly grant from us (which varies depending on the country of stay)
  • The Host Entrepreneur gets help in finding a matching new entrepreneur
  • The Host Entrepreneur gets skills, different vision, information on different markets
  •  Both work together on a project which they define at the start and which benefits both entrepreneurs

How to register?

  • It is Free to register
  • The New Entrepreneur needs to present its CV, Business plan and motivation to carry the exchange
  • The Host Entrepreneur needs to presents its CV and its will to host a new entrepreneur

 For further information and register, visit:


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