Socio-drama on Entrepreneurship in Spain

We are currently working with partners from Finland, The Netherlands, Spain and Turkey on a research project where we try to define characteristics that create successful entrepreneurs, and the reason why some businesses fail.

Defining some trends is not an easy thing but feedback from businesses around Europe who filled in our surveys is helping putting things in perspective.

We are always keen to see more replies to the survey, you can find them here:

This questionnaire looks at business difficulties and businesses that you might know that failed and te reason why:

The aim is that this research will be plugged into the education system, to try to give real examples to students who are budding entrepreneurs whether they realised it or not at the point they get introduced to the stories. Also trying to allow the teacher to spot the real entrepreneurs in their student cohort.

One tool the schools/university could use is something that our Turkish partner from the University of Nevsehir has developed and labelled as socio-drama. Basically a sort of case study that can be played  out by students. The one we looked at recently and questioned students from Castellon in Spain about, looked at the life of a business owner through the decade, from success to failure as well as his wife, son and daughter involvement in the business, all that on the background of an ever changing society in terms of tastes, technology etc.

Something to dig further into in the coming months to see how we can foster entrepreneurship, or at least tease out the entrepreneurs in each of the people involved in the activities.

The students in Castellon were bright and interested and interesting about their future business plan…